Alpha Services Limited is one of Belize’s premier provider of offshore services.  Alpha Services Limited is to provide a full range of offshore services. The Alpha Advantage is the emphasis we place on fast,  efficient, confidential and professional service while guaranteeing you competitive prices.

As both a licensed trust corporation and an international financial service provider, we are structured with your needs in mind. Our success is based on proven client satisfaction. We ensure that all our clients receive the highest standards of service available on a timely personalized basis.


Offshore Companies

The Offshore Company or International Business Company (IBC) as it is called in Belize is a tax-free and exchange-control-free limited liability company, incorporated under the Laws of Belize, but conducting all its profit-earning activities outside Belize.

The Trust

The trust, like the IBC, is an ideal tax planning vehicle which can be used for a number of activities such as asset protection, estate planning, investment holding and financial management.


The Belize International Business Companies Act of 1990 is designed to meet the needs of sophisticated international investors.

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Alpha Services Limited

EQUITY HOUSE, Ground Floor,

#84 Albert Street • P.O. Box 831

Belize City, Belize


Rodwell R.A. Williams – Executive Director/Attorney

Nigel Ebanks – Director/Attorney

Tania Moody – Director/Attorney

Cadine Rhamdas – Administrative Director

Tel # (501) 227-1847

Fax# (501) 227-5278





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