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When discussing Alpha Services Limited (“Alpha”) Refund Policy, it is important to understand how we bill our customers. The process is substantially different from purchasing goods from a regular retail store and receiving refunds for returned items.

Most customers who retain Alpha are requested to pay a set amount of money inclusive of fees and money on account of costs, before any work is begun. This is an advance payment for services about to be rendered. Then Alpha put these funds into its operations account and money on account of costs is transferred to its client account.

Generally, Alpha provides only international financial and corporate services to non-residents of Belize and all such services must be paid for in advance in foreign currency by bank to bank account wire transfer and or by credit card. In the event of a dispute with a customer, some but not all of the legal fees may be refunded on a quantum merit basis, and only such portion of money on account of costs and expenses not yet spent or otherwise disbursed may be refunded.

Alpha certainly wishes to amicably resolve any funding dispute that may arise. We therefore encourage our customers to ask their questions or communicate their concerns to us as soon as possible. We in turn will attempt to immediately resolve the matter. We pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide our customers

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. Through open dialogue with our customers, we will strive to continuously improve upon our services. This statement is subject to review from time to time.

Adopted and updated as at the 21st day of February, 2019

Alpha Services Limited

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#84 Albert Street • P.O. Box 831

Belize City, Belize


Rodwell R.A. Williams – Executive Director/Attorney

Nigel Ebanks – Director/Attorney

Tania Moody – Director/Attorney

Cadine Rhamdas – Administrative Director

Tel # (501) 227-1847

Fax# (501) 227-5278

E-Mail: info@alphaservicesltd.com


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