IBC Agency Agreement Form

Registered Agency Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made the day of , Two Thousand and .

of (hereinafter called "the beneficial owner") of the One Part.


a company incorporated and existing under the laws of the Belize and having its registered office at 84 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize C.A. (hereinafter called the Registered Agent") of the Other Part.


A.The Owner has caused a company to be incorporated under the laws of Belize known as
(Hereinafter called "the company").

B.The Owner wishes to arrange for a registered office and local agents to attend to the affairs of the Company.

C.The Registered Agent carries on the business of providing such services for companies registered in Belize.



The Owner hereby engages the Registered Agent and the Registered Agent agrees to serve the Owner as a registered agent with effect from the date hereof until the 31st day of December of that year and from year to year thereafter until either party in accordance with its provisions terminates this agreement.


As Registered Agent to the Owner, the Registered Agent shall perform the following duties on behalf of the Company:

1. Provide for a registered office of the Company to which all communications and notices may be addressed, but nothing herein shall permit the Company to transact any business at or utilize any staff or equipment at its registered office.

2. Give notice to the Registrar of Company of any change in the location of the registered office of the Company in accordance with the International Business Companies Act (the Act).

3. Keep in custody an imprint of the common seal of the Company at its registered office.

4. If required maintain and keep in custody a register of directors and officers and a register of mortgages and charges of the Company and, a register of members at its registered office, in accordance with the Act.

5. Give notice to the Registrar of Companies of any change of which the Registered Agent is notified in the name, address, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, as required by the Act.

6. Maintain and keep in custody all minutes of meetings of the directors and members of the Company of which the Registered Agent is notified or supplied, in accordance with the Act.

7. Cause notices to be delivered of meetings held, and minutes and resolutions to be drawn and executed to enable the Company to hold meetings of the members or meetings of the directors anywhere in accordance with the Act and upon payment of such further fees as may be agreed upon such special meeting and resolutions as may be required by the Owner.

8. Open, consider, and, if necessary and/or permitted by the laws of Belize, forthwith deliver to the Owner at his last known address a summary of, or all, writs, notices, summonses, orders, or other documents delivered or served upon the Company at its registered office, in accordance with the Act.

9. If requested to do so by the Owner, to cause appropriate nominee directors or shareholders upon payment of such further fees as may be agreed upon and to furnish to the Registrar of Companies during the month of July in each year with the annual license fee, in accordance with the Act.

10. Alert the Owner, generally, of changes or clarifications in the laws of Belize that might affect the status or business of the Company.

11. Retain and hold any bearer share issued by the company and information on the beneficial owner of such share.


Subject to Clause D herein, the Registered Agent shall be paid the sum of US$150.00 annually, or such sum as may from time to time be chargeable, which sum excludes any other charges incurred on behalf of the Company during the previous year and also excludes the annual license fee or any other appropriate government fees, if any, in the year. Payment shall be made at Alpha Services Limited, 99 Albert St., Belize City, Belize C.A. on or before the 1st day of January in each year in advance; and any delay in receipt of prompt payment in full by the Owner shall be sufficient cause for the Registered Agent to cease performance of the duties of the Registered Agent, notwithstanding the consequences of such nonperformance to either the Owner or the Company.


If the Registered Agent sends to the Owner before the 15th day of November in any year written notice of any increase in the compensation payable to the Registered Agent, it shall be effective for the next calendar year without amending this agreement.


The Registered Agent shall not, on its own accord, except as authorized in writing by the Company or as required by any law, regulation or practice, disclose or permit the disclosure to any person any information of any kind relating to the directors, officers, members, business, or affairs of the Company.


i. The owner may terminate this agreement at any time upon at least ten (10) days' notice in writing or an order of a court, but compensation paid to the Registered Agent prior to termination shall not be accrued and no part of it shall be refundable. The Owner hereby grants to the Registered Agent a first charge by way of lien upon the corporate documents of the Company as security for payment to the Registered Agent of its compensation pursuant to this agreement.

ii. The Registered Agent, may at any time without assigning any reason therefore, resign by giving at least thirty (30) days' notice in writing to the Owner. The Registered Agent may elect to immediately cease to provide nominees in any capacity, in which case, resignations shall thereupon be inserted in the corporate records and share transfers shall be endorsed to their respective beneficiaries and held for delivery.If the Registered Agent resigns, its compensation shall be apportioned as to fees but not disbursements, and any credit remaining shall be paid to the Owner.


(a) The Owner warrants that the Company shall not be managed or used to infringe any laws and expressly absolves the Registered Agent from any liability in respect of compliance for any disclosure which may be occasioned by the Owner entering into any illegal activity;

(b) The Owner declares, warrants and confirms that the statements set out in the Schedule hereto are true and accurate in all respects.


Any notice required or permitted to be given by this agreement shall be in writing (including telex, telegram, or facsimile transmission) and may be delivered by hand or transmitted by telex, telegram, or facsimile transmission, in which case, it shall be deemed to have been delivered two (2) days after transmission, or mailed by prepaid registered mail addressed to the party concerned at his last known address, in which case, it shall be deemed to have been delivered seven (7) days after mailing, as aforesaid.


Time shall, in all respects, be of the essence of this agreement.


This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto with respect to all matters herein and neither of the parties shall rely upon or regard as material any representation or statement whatsoever not incorporated herein, and subject to Clause 4 herein, this agreement shall not be amended except by instrument of equal formality.


This agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns.


The headings used throughout this agreement form no part of it and shall be deemed to have been inserted solely for the convenience of reference.


The Owner hereby agrees to at all times indemnify and save harmless the Registered Agent, its officers, directors, or beneficial or registered shareholders from all actions, causes of actions, claims, or demands in any way arising from the Registered Agent acting on behalf of the Owner on the terms herein, including any action or omission of the Registered Agent or any of its officers, directors, or shareholders, excepting only wilful acts or fraud by the Registered Agent, its officers, directors, or shareholders.


1. I am in the business of

2. The source of funding for the incorporation and maintenance of the company and its accounts is from

3. The funds to incorporate, maintain and operate the company as well as any future transactions through the above company will not be from any illicit sources such as drug trafficking or money laundering.

4. I am not involved in any illicit activities nor is there any criminal or civil action pending or threatened against me or any related person.

Signed, sealed, and delivered by the said in the presence of:
Witness | Beneficial Owner

Signed for and on behalf of the said Alpha Services Limited in the presence of:

For and on behalf of Alpha Services Limited .


Alpha Services Limited

EQUITY HOUSE, viagra sale pharmacy Ground Floor,

#84 Albert Street • P.O. Box 831

Belize City, Belize


Rodwell R.A. Williams – Executive Director/Attorney

Nigel Ebanks – Director/Attorney

Tania Moody – Director/Attorney

Cadine Rhamdas – Administrative Director

Tel # (501) 227-1847

Fax# (501) 227-5278

E-Mail: info@alphaservicesltd.com

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