IBC Incorporation Form

Application for Incorporation

I/We hereby instruct you to form a Belize International Business Company (IBC) on my/our behalf as follows:

(A) Intended Name of Company
(Name must end in, “Corporation”, “Limited”, “Society Anonyme”, “Sociedad Anonima”, “Incorporated” or “Aktiengesellschaft” or the abbreviations “Corp.”, “Ltd.”, “S.A.”, “Inc.”, “A.S.”, or “A.G.”)

(B) If the company name has not already been reserved, please provide two (2) alternative names below:

(C) Memorandum and Articles of Association
(i) Standard Provisions: Suitable for every type of business activity
Do you require this?
(ii) Non-standard Provisions:
Do you require this?
If Yes, Please provide details of your specific requirements below

Section 5(1) of The International Business Companies Act prohibits an IBC from:
(a) Carrying on business with persons resident in Belize
(b) Owning an interest in real property situated in Belize, other than a lease
(c) Carrying on a banking business unless authorized to do so under a relevant enactment:
(d) Carrying on business as an insurance or a reinsurance company unless authorized to do so under a relevant enactment; or
(e) Carrying on the business of providing the registered office for companies
(f) Holding shares or debt obligations in a domestic company incorporated under the Companies Act of Belize.

(D) Nature of Business for which company is intended (Please be specific)

(E) Where will the Company be operating?

(F) Authorised Capital: (check one)
 Standard (US$ 50,000 of US$1 per share)
 Non Standard For Non-Standard Capital

Option 1. Share Capital Par Value of Shares:
Option 2. Share Capital with no par value shares

(G) Registered Office (Must be a Belize address)
 Alpha Services Limited to provide office
 Other: provide address below

(H) Registered Agent (Must be a licensed agent)
 Alpha Services Limited to provide agent

(I) Director (s) (Minimum required is one)
(i)  Alpha Services Limited to supply Corporate Nominee Director
(ii) Director(s) are as follows: (Please provide all necessary information on each Director)

Copy the following text below into the text area and fill out
for each director.
Director Name:
Email Address:
Passport sent via email attachment : Yes or No

* In the case of a company being the Director, we will require a Certificate of Good Standing for the company, and a Certificate of Incumbency stating the names and addresses of its officers/directors and those authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

(J) Shareholder (s) (Minimum: one shareholder)
(i)  Alpha Services Limited to supply Corporate Nominee Shareholders
(ii)  Bearer Shares (Bearer shares MUST be kept with registered agents)

Copy the following text below into the text area and fill out
for each bearer share certificate.
Certificate No.:
number of shares:

(iii) Registered Shares to be issued as follows:

Copy the following text below into the text area and fill out
for each Registered Shares.
Number of shares:
Passport sent via email attachment : Yes or No

* In the case of a company being the Shareholder, we will require a Certificate of Good Standing for the company, and a Certificate of Incumbency stating the names and addresses of its officers/directors and those authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

(K) Company Seal to be provided by:
 Alpha Services Limited to supply Corporate Seal
 Yourselves (Imprint must be sent to Registered Agent)

(L) Do you require a bank account?

(M) Where did you hear about Alpha Services Limited?

(N) Mailing address (all documents will be sent to this address unless advised otherwise):

*Please include the following: Name/Company, Address, Tel.

(O) The Company is required to maintain accounting records for a minimum of five (5) years. Indicate the name and address of the place where the accounting records will be kept, whether within or outside of Belize. In the event of a change, you are required to notify us within 14 days of such change, in default your company may be struck from the register.

*Please include the following: Name/Company, Address, Tel.

(P) Instructions submitted by:

*Please include the following: Name, Address, Tel., Fax, Email


Provide a copy of EACH director, shareholder, beneficial owner, member, manager, settlor, trustee, protector, founder and all persons requesting the registration of the Corporation:
I. Notarized copy Passport with picture and signature data pages
II. In the alternative a notarized copy of any government/official issued form of identification with picture and signature
III. In the alternative if a Company will hold any of the above positions, then copy of the Corporate documents, a Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate of Incumbency detailing the directors/officers and shareholders/members of the Company
IV. Recent Utility bill within 3 months
V. Two Character references from an attorney or accountant or business associate which you have done business with for more than 2 years
VI. Bank reference- only if requesting a bank account

*I/We declare and confirm the above information is true and correct and that the company will not be used for money laundering, terrorist activities, or any other illegal activity or in a manner likely to damage the good name of Alpha Services Limited or the jurisdiction of incorporation. I/We acknowledge the requirements of your AML/CFT Compliance Policy and agree to comply therewith. I/We will take independent legal advice before proceeding and I am/We are aware, and intend, to honour my/our legal responsibilities in my/our jurisdiction.

I/We confirm and agree that should any changes occur in the information contained herein I/We will inform Alpha Services Limited.

Signature of Beneficial Owner

Dated this day of , 20

Bank of America International
100 W. 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001, USA
ABA No: 026-009-593
Swift No. BOFAUS3N
Beneficiary Bank: British Caribbean Bank International Limited
Account No.: 6550-8-260-58 for further credit to Alpha Services Limited A/C #: 200-11-1-3361

For: Insert Invoice Number/Contact Person or Company Name


Alpha Services Limited

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. Box 831

Belize City, Belize


Rodwell R.A. Williams – Executive Director/Attorney

Nigel Ebanks – Director/Attorney

Tania Moody – Director/Attorney

Cadine Rhamdas – Administrative Director

Tel # (501) 227-1847

Fax# (501) 227-5278

E-Mail: info@alphaservicesltd.com

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