Offshore Companies

The Offshore Company

The Offshore Company or International Business Company (IBC) as it is called in Belize is a tax-free and exchange-control-free limited liability company, incorporated under the Laws of Belize, but conducting all its profit-earning activities outside Belize.

Usage of Offshore Companies

The IBC is an ideal tax planning vehicle which can be used for a wide range of commercial activities such as trading, help share ownership in other companies, financial management, investment holding, corporate trustee, leasing of other assets, real property ownership, ownership of a ship or yacht, provision or professional or other services, asset protection and confidentiality, factoring, transfer pricing, ownership of intellectual property and invoicing to name a few.

Why Incorporate in Belize

Cost Saving Factors

The provisions of the IBC law in Belize are specifically designed to save you costs. This is accomplished firstly by ensuring that the registration fee is the most competitive in the offshore world. Secondly, by ensuring that the costs of maintaining your IBC are kept to a minimum. Here’s how this is accomplished.

  • No minimum capital requirement;
  • No requirement for audited accounts therefore no need for an auditor;
  • No need for annual returns thereby saving legal fees;
  • No requirements for a local director or secretary thereby saving significant fees;
  • No requirement for an Annual General Meeting. Directors can participate in a meeting anywhere in the world by telephone.

Confidentiality Factors:

In an age of increasing regulation by the State – and increasing taxes – Belize’s IBC law has as its tour de force a number of provisions to ensure the freedom of the individual and the sanctity of private commercial transactions:

  • The share register kept by the company may only be inspected by a shareholder;
  • There is no restriction on nominee shareholders and bearer shares may be issued;
  • No filing of Accounts or Annual Returns.
  • No public filing requirements except memorandum and articles of association.

Special Features:

Mindful of the need for flexibility to enable our investors to respond to new investment opportunities as they arise, Belize added the following special features to its law:

  • Only one shareholder required;
  • Only one director required which may be a company;
  • Shares may be denominated in any currency and may be bearer or registered shares, voting and non-voting, with or without par value;
  • Your IBC will be able to purchase its own shares and redeem its own shares.

A Few Requirements

Since an IBC is essentially for offshore activities, your IBC cannot own land in Belize nor carry on business as a registered office for companies in Belize. Neither can the IBC carry on business with residents of Belize. Your IBC must have a registered office and registered agent in Belize. It may only carry on offshore banking and insurance or reinsurance if it is licensed by law to do so.

Permissible Activities

Note, however, that your IBC can engage in any of the following activities in Belize:

  • Lease an office in Belize;
  • Operating an account with a local Bank;
  • Using the services of Belizean professionals and trust companies;
  • Keeping company records and holding meetings in Belize;
  • Holding shares in other IBCs;
  • Owning a vessel registered in Belize.

Schedule of Fees

Class of IBC Legal Fees Registration Fees
IBC with share capital of $50,000 $500.00 $100.00
IBC with share capital Exceeding $50,000.00 $500.00 $1000.00
IBC with shares having no Par value $500.00 $350.00

Annual Fees

Annual Registration $100.00, $1,000.00 or $350.00 (dependent on share capital)
Annual Registration Agent $150.00
Annual Registered Office $150.00
Administrative Fee (fax, phone,photo-copies, & courier) $100.00
Corporate Seal $70.00
Corporate Nominee Director $150.00
Corporate Nominee Shareholder $150.00
Opening US Dollar Account $250.00
Keeping Statutory Books $150.00
Notarization (per document) $25.00
Apostille (per document) $50.00
Certificate of Good Standing $25.00
Filing of Amendments $150.00
Power of Attorney $150.00

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